Michaels to be designated

As just announced by Mark Shapiro on a conference call with reporters. J-Mike will be designated for assignment Tuesday to make room for Ben Francisco. The Tribe will have 10 days to trade or release Michaels.


I’ll be honest, I thought the person to be designated would be Dellucci at the beginning of the year, but now he’s found himself in the 3 hole. I guess nothing is as expected this year.

A month into the season, yes its a good time to bring up Benny. Michaels was OK off the bench for us last year, but he looks too much like a duck (quack!) and that is not cool. I will though always remember that retardiculous catch he made in Chicago at the beginning of last year as it set the tone for just how wild a season it would be. Props for that, Duckman.

maybe not the spot to ask this but i have a quick question, and i ask this completely as a question with no implications of assuming a certain answer. but, do you think that any blame is to be put on derek shelton, the indians hitting coach. i remember a few years back when eddie murray got the hack for the offenses issues. who’s to say that the indians offensive issues shouldnt fall on sheltons plate. thoughts?

I agree. Whatever Shelton is doing right now is not working. We know these guys can hit but something is not clicking. Sometimes it just takes a different angle to make things work.

i feel marte sould have been sent down, not j mike. j mike has performed better than marte. as for shelton, i feel he has lost his affectivness as a hitting coach and should be replaced as well.

In my opinion it was a mistake to send Jason Michaels down. His batting was starting to come along but it was his definsive plays that really worked for the team. Anyone see the throw he made from left field to home plate? Yes our bats need to heat up but without good defense, all the offense could be moot. Best of luck to Jason. May he find a team that appreciates his talents.

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