Big (League) Ben

Ben Francisco is eligible to join the Indians on Tuesday (10 days after his demotion back to Buffalo), and that’s just what he’ll be doing. Francisco was pulled out of the second game of Buffalo’s doubleheader today and told he’ll be coming back to the big leagues.

“I don’t know what their plans are, but Torey [Lovullo] told me to be ready to play,” Francisco told The Buffalo News. “‘ll be there Tuesday ready to be in the lineup if they want me to be. It’s definitely a little boost to be in the big leagues. I was trying to stay positive down here and work on things. It was tough but that’s the way it goes. I’m looking forward to the opportunity. I’m ready to be in Cleveland so I’m ready to run with it.”

Jason Michaels and Andy Marte are the two most likely candidates for displacement as a result of this development. The Indians won’t announce anything until Tuesday. The safe money might be on Michaels, who, obviously, is off to a slow start and doesn’t have a guaranteed contract after this season. Perhaps the Tribe will try to find a way to trade him.

Will Francisco save this struggling offense? Please. But the time for patience with the current lineup has obviously passed.





Michaels would seem to be the obvious candidate to me.

As bad as this offense has been, I think you have to consider dealing some pitching to bring in some more lumber.

I sorely hope the real Travis Hafner has yet to stand up.

Ill be honest. I kind of feel bad for Michaels. I know his numbers are lacking, but i feel with all the games that ive watched where he’s played ive seen him make consistent contact with the ball. It just doesnt seem to be finding the hole.

When you look at him up against hafner theres a strong similarity:

michaels: ab-58 ko-13 avg. 209
hafner: ab- 110 ko-30 avg.209

but, hafner has the name, so down goes michaels. I dont know, i feel for him. But, with that said i am looking forward to seeing ben out there.

I think it goes far beyond Hafner having the name over Michaels. Hafner has far more potential than Michaels. He is a former 40+ HR guy. Jason Michaels will never put up the numbers that Pronk is able to show.

I don’t know the details how it would work but I am sure Pronk’s $8 mil over Michael’s $2 mil plays a factor as well.

I am sure we all can agree that it sucks that we are having this conversation. Go Tribe!

Michaels is a stand up guy who just happens to not fit with this ballclub. If Cleveland designates him he’ll find work. He’s a serviceable outfielder who’s veteran presence will be needed somewhere. The Pirates will need an outfielder after they deal Nady. He’s a strong late-inning defensive replacement. San Diego and Texas are always stock piling outfielders, I can see him landing somewhere soon. Good Luck J-Mike, we’ll miss you.

While I agree that Ben can’t single-handily save the club by putting up numbers, I do hope that a move like letting go of Michaels can at least have an effect on the clubhouse so that guys realize Wedge and Shapiro are done waiting for this thing to fix itself, and they need results now.

While some guys, like Grady and Victor, are pretty secure in their jobs, there are probably at least 5 position players right now who should at least feel a little nervous that their playing time or roster spot could be next.

As much as I like seeing farm guys come up from the farm I dont think Ben is the answer to this slumping offense. Is there any new word on trading C.C., management said if things were bad it might push for a trade and I understand we are only a month in but WHAT OTHER SIGNS DO YOU NEED??? Why wait, the Yankees need some pitching and if nothing else we can re-stock the farm now and Cabrera isnt looking too bad. Will tribe brass wait until the season is screwed to make a move?

I in no way was saying that hafner should be sent down instead of michaels. i understand in full the reasoning for sending down michaels. i was mainly just making a claim for michaels sake that i just feel he got a little bit of the crap end of the deal when it comes to the indians playing bad and looking for fixes/improvements. but, ill be the first to say that it needs to happen, i guess im just a softy when it comes to the harshness of how things have to work for some people sometimes. thats baseball i guess. single tear. im gonna go watch bambi now.

I understand that things aren’t going great for the Indians’ offense, but why is everyone freaking out? If you look at the standings, you’d see that the team is 2 1/2-games out of first place, 1/2-game out of second place and 1-game ahead of the team that’s supposed to be Cleveland’s prime competition.
Why would the Indians even consider trading CC at this point, considering they’re not even 1/5 of a way through the season. If you compare 1/5 of a season in football terms, the team would be 1-2 or 2-2.
And why is everyone blaming Hafner. Sure, he’s supposed to be one of the best hitters on the team, but no one outside of Victor is playing up to his potential at the plate. And even though Victor is batting great for average, he has zero home runs. Hitting is contagious, and once one or two players start to hit, the rest of the team will come around.

Hey danielswalk, its not fair to compare our records with any team because we are all slumping, last I checked not many teams were even above .500. This division will not always be the “battle of the suck” (thats right, you heard it here first!) and our current “shake up the order to see what we get” hasn’t worked out well enough. We have a ton of good pitching and no offense, what do you suggest instead?

The team is built around the players that showed great promise, (Victor, Grady, Peralta, Cliff, Carmona, CC, Hafner, etc) and that’s why Sharipo and the Indians gave them multi-year contracts. If they don’t succeed, then it’s just bad luck. The Indians aren’t like the Yankees or Red Sox. They can’t just buy their way to wins. The players who are on the current roster just need to improve, and if they don’t, then the Indians won’t win. Why would someone that’s not good enough to make the roster once spring training ended be better than someone who has been with the Major League club for a few years now?
I’m just saying that there’s no need to panic, since the divisional race is so close. Who will care if the Indians won the division with 87 victories? Aside from home-field advantage, what will the be the difference between Cleveland winning 87 and the Red Sox winning 100, for example? All that matters is they win the division. That’s how sports work – it doesn’t matter what your record is comparable to the rest of the league. Only your record compared to your division decides if you make the playoffs or not.
And if you read Anthony’s preview for the Wednesday game against the Yankees, it is EXACTLY the point I brought up yesterday.

…and I belive that aside from Delluci’s late inning heroics my point would have been made, we get beat offensively every game. We are 16-3 when we score 3 or less runs… that means 19 games we scored only 3 runs. WE NEED ANOTHER OFFENSIVE BAT, you can’t expect every player (who DOES play hard) to have a career year every year. CC and Carmona will not have 19 win seasons two-years in a row, etc without adding some offensive help for when they are down and do give up a ******** 3-4 runs over 7 inninngs. And since we are not the Yankees we may need to set up a trade… enter CC. Make a move to possibly improve the team offensively by trading a player we can’t afford, that is my point.

Trading CC means the Indians have given up on the season. End of conversation, nothing to dispute.

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