Rain, I don't mind; Shine, the weather's fine (but not really)

We won’t be starting on time tonight. That much I can assure you. They still hope to get the game in, though.

It rained all day here, forcing indoor BP, but it cleared up around 4 p.m. But now more thunderstorms are rolling in from the Toledo area. Assuming they don’t get held up on the turnpike, they’ll be here relatively shortly. I’ll post more when I know it.

In the meantime….


  1. Asdrubal
  2. Judicial system (I stole this from Dana Carvey… always cite your sources, kids)
  3. Mitsubishi
  4. Worcestershire sauce
  5. Joe Jurevicius
  6. The Indians should sign Barry Bonds.

(If you have others, feel free to pass them along)

If tonight’s game does indeed occur, these are your lineups…

INDIANS (14-15): CF Grady Sizemore, RF Franklin Gutierrez, LF David Dellucci, C Victor Martinez, SS Jhonny Peralta, DH Travis Hafner, 1B Ryan Garko, 3B Casey Blake, 2B (say it with me) Asdrubal Cabrera. C.C. and his ever-shrinking 7.88 ERA on the mound.

ROYALS (12-16): CF David DeJesus, 2B Mark Grudzielanek, 3B Alex Gordon, LF Jose Guillen, 1B Billy Butler, RF Mark Teahen, DH Miguel Olivo, C John Buck, SS Tony Pena. RHP Luke Hochevar makes his fourth career start.


  • On Thursday night, Wedge brought out Rafael Perez to face Ichiro Suzuki in the eighth inning. Willie Bloomquist was caught stealing to end the inning. When Suzuki led off the ninth, Wedge went with closer Rafael Betancourt, rather than sticking with the lefty Perez. Why? “It's always a lot easier for a guy to come in and get a save when they start their own inning," Wedge said.
  • Here's a nice change of pace. Mike Aubrey is replacing a player on the DL, rather than going on the DL. Aubrey, the Tribe's first overall pick in 2003, has been promoted to Triple-A Buffalo for the first time. He'll be filling in for last year's Eastern League MVP, Jordan Brown, who went on the DL with tendinitis in his knee. Wedge said Brown's injury is not serious.
  • Travis Hafner has two multi-hit games since April 14.
  • I just saw tomorrow night's giveaway item, the "CyCy" Sabathia bobblehead doll. It doesn't resemble a guy who weighs 290 pounds.
  • Wedge words of wisdom: "I don't know who said, 'Practice makes perfect.' If you're practicing the wrong way, you're getting worse."

All right, I'll be riding the pine the remainder of this weekend, so the blog will be on a two-day hiatus. Over on the site, you'll be placed in the capable hands of David "Young Zeus" Briggs, who not only is the tallest sportswriter in the business but who also was the associate reporter in Cleveland last season. Enjoy.



GEORGE: Newman, why aren’t you at work?
GEORGE: But your a mailman, isn’t the phrase neither rain nor….

GEORGE: Newman, why aren’t you at work?
GEORGE: But your a mail man, isn’t the phrase “neither rain, nor…”

anthony, we ll see a game this evening?

it s late night here in italy and i m so sleep just now!



Knowing your lousy taste in football teams… I would think you would have used this for things not to try to say when you’re drunk:


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