They paid me their money, and I knocked the men down

I haven’t watched a wrestling match since I was about 5 years old. I was a Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake fan, but only when he was a bad guy. He became a good guy at some point, and I lost interest in his wrestling career (which, I can only assume, has since ended… perhaps Brutus went back to cutting hair).

Well, while standing around in the clubhouse tonight, waiting for an interview that never happened, I had the … pleasure? … of watching a WWE video featuring a championship match between John Cena and Some Other Guy Whose Name I Didn’t Happen to Catch.

This fight dragged on for about 45 minutes. Each guy was knocked unconscious several times by either A. a ladder, B., a chair or C. a table. The goal was to reach the championship belt, which was dangled above the ring (hence the need for easy access to ladders). Cena had his hand on it for a second, but SOGWNIDHC pushed the ladder over, causing Cena to fall on a suspiciously well-placed table outside the ring. Then, SOGWNIDHC summited the ladder, only to reach the same table fate on the other side. Then some female wrestler, presumably fresh from an appointment with her plastic surgeon, got involved, in SOGWNIDHC’s defense, but Cena, who is not exactly a gentleman, slammed her to the ground with extreme prejudice. Then he grabbed the belt, and everybody went nuts. Long live the Champ.

If you’re interested in watching this fight for yourself, you can get the DVD, “WWE: Best of the Ladder Matches.” I wish I were making this up, but that’s the name, according to clubhouse attendant Josh Ball, who also informed me there are 14 total hours of footage. Go crazy, folks, go crazy.

This has the makings of a dead night at Progressive. The Cavs are finishing off the Wizards (we hope) next door, and it’s bone-chilling cold. But baseball’s hottest pitcher, Cliff Lee, is on the mound. If he tosses a complete game and gives up just one earned run, his ERA will actually rise. In the lineup, Travis Hafner and Jhonny Peralta are both getting a day off. 

INDIANS: CF Grady Sizemore, 2B Jamey Carroll, 1B Victor Martinez, DH Ryan Garko, 3B Casey Blake, RF Franklin Gutierrez, C Kelly Shoppach, LF Jason Michaels, SS Asdrubal Cabrera. LHP Lee goes for five straight.

MARINERS: CF Ichiro Suzuki, 2B Jose Lopez, LF Raul Ibanez, 3B Adrian Beltre, DH Jose Vidro, 1B Richie Sexson, RF Wladimir Balentien, C Kenji Johjima, SS Yuniesky Betancourt. LHP Jarrod Washburn on the mound.


  • Lee’s career ERA has dipped from 4.64 to 4.46 this year.
  • Martinez has only had 20 plate appearances with RISP this season. By comparison, Sizemore has had 21 in the leadoff spot.
  • The Indians have three of the top 10 ERAs among starting pitchers (Lee, Carmona and Westbrook).
  • Last year, fans voted Victor Martinez the Tribe’s “Work Hard, Fly Right” MVP on For winning the award, Martinez received 1,000,000 frequent flyer miles from Continental Airlines. Martinez turned right around and donated those miles to Esperanza, a Hispanic non-profit organization here in Cleveland. Two twins boys from Honduras who were badly burned by a fire when they were infants used the miles to fly to Cleveland and have cosmetic surgery performed. They were on the field for batting practice. I’ll have a story on them in next week’s issue of Game Face Magazine


UPDATE (8:40 p.m.): My good buddy Marc Lancaster of the Tampa Tribune informs me Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake is only semi-retired. My apologies. 


Big fan of Victor hitting third, in fact, I thought the line-up was pretty interesting last night, even if Washburn didn’t have his best stuff.

victor has to be one of the most quality people in the game. whether its his relationship with the players from our team or the opposing, he always seems to have a perspective of caring more about the important things in life than just baseball. that story shows it.

Hey Anthony – Three real quick things
1. What the heck is Victor saying to himself as he walks to the plate and raps his nuckles on his batting helmet?

2. Last Friday, during the Yankee game, the Ball boy on the third base line made a web gem move on a foul ball. Whats his name? After a catch like that, the kid deserves his props.

3. Was the weather really that bad during last nights outing? I watch on the extra innings package from warm sunny Florida, and sometimes it can be misleading. The crowd seemed really thin – So thin in fact I could hear specific individuals heckling Ritchie Sexson. I’m going to have friends give me shout outs tonite.

on the Bruce Side – Didn’t go to the Orlando show. It was originally scheduled for Saturday before last but was rescheduled after Danny’s passing. It was moved to Tuesday, I couldn’t go so my neighbor got my tickets. Now I’m pissed becuase he did more old stuff than the rest of the tour and Roger McQuinn (he lives in town) joined him on stage… To every season….

Whoa, whoa, whoa ….

You are a “Blog Brother” of Alyssa Milano?!

We get reports on banana shopping and over-the-hill wrestlers, and no mention of your lovely “Blog Sister?”

C’mon – help a “Blog Reader” out!

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