Let's play two (uh, most likely)

The skies are gray above Kauffman Stadium, but the radar looks clear, so it appears they’ll be able to get both games in tonight. But you never really know, do you? Oh, you do? Well, that’s just cocky.

Everyone in the Indians’ clubhouse is pretty puzzled about the Royals’ decision (and yes, it was the Royals’ decision) to play two today. And in a straight doubleheader (hence, one gate), no less. The Tribe’s two other visits to K.C. are both weekend trips. It would seem to make sense, from an attendance standpoint, to have a doubleheader on one of those weekends. My only guess is that the Royals are so advanced in the meteorology department that they actually have the forecasts for May 30-June 1 and Sept. 5-7 and can accurately predict that it will be raining on those days, so it’s best to get these in now. But that’s just a guess.

Anyway, Aaron Laffey will get Monday’s start, as Fausto Carmona will no longer be available, due to the short rest after today’s start in Game 1. That’s the news of the day. Laffey is pitching for Buffalo today, but he’ll be on a strict pitch count to have him ready for the quick turnaround.

The Tribe’s lineup for Game 1 is as follows: CF Grady Sizemore, 2B Jamey Carroll, DH Travis Hafner, C Victor Martinez, 1B Ryan Garko, SS Asdrubal Cabrera, RF Ben Francisco, LF Jason Michaels, RF Casey Blake. Fausto is hurling.

The Royals will go with: CF Joey Gathright, LF David DeJesus, RF Mark Teahen, DH Billy Butler, 3B Alex Gordon, C Miguel Olivo, 1B Ross Gload, 2B Alberto Callaspo, SS Tony Pena. RHP Brett Tomko is pitching.


  • Did you notice that in the Indians’ 15-run outburst Tuesday night, their Nos. 3 and 4 hitters, Hafner and Martinez, went a combined 1-for-10?
  • The Indians have swept four of their last five doubleheaders, which is pretty incredible, if you think about it. The only one they didn’t sweep was last September’s split in Seattle. The Tribe has not been swept in a doubleheader since Oct. 5, 2001, at Toronto.
  • ESPN.com’s Jayson Stark (a fellow Springsteen nut, so he’s good people) had this interesting nugget: On Tuesday night, C.C. Sabathia became the first pitcher ever to give up nine runs (earned or unearned) in back-to-back starts and follow that up his next outing by giving up no runs.


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Did you notice that in the Indians’ 15-run outburst Tuesday night, their Nos. 3 and 4 hitters, Hafner and Martinez, went a combined 1-for-10?

yeah, both me and my fantasy team noticed it.

it was the first game of the year i havent been able to view live. which later lead me to believe i had cursed the tribe on all previous games from scoring runs. so as me and the wife along with our 2 friends are eating out im using my monthly text message limit on the #65246 text: indians- to fill me in on the game. im seeing the runs accumulate each inning thinking, “awww yeah, hafner/martinez busting it loose.” get home and am amped to check my stats……..nothing. appreciate it pronktinez.

but i pushed it aside and soaked in the tribe win. looking for 2 more tonight.

so, for the sake of cleveland/me/and my fantasy team, runs gallore please.

appreciating the blog castrovince.

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