Give it a name

This blog is a work in progress. But you knew that.

I caught a lot of grief for the white wine in the picture to the right. It was deserved. In my defense, that picture, in case you can’t tell, was taken in Venice. The previous night, we had been in Chianti country. Suffice to say, I was a bit overserved on Chianti (I won’t get into the details). By the time we hit Venice, I needed a change of pace.

But that’s no excuse, so the matter has been appropriately resolved.

Yet another, more important matter that must be addressed is the name of this thing. Castrovince’s Corner? No, that’s not going to work. So, I’m turning to you, my loyal reader(s) to help me out. Let’s give this thing a name that can stick. Something with panache. Something pithy. Something … palendromic, perhaps?

Paste your entry in the comments section or e-mail it to me at It can be Indians-related, it can be baseball-related. Bonus points if it’s Seinfeld-related (In fact, if it’s a Seinfeld reference, that would actually be outstanding). Winner gets his or her name in lights (or, in the absence of lights, in a blog entry). 

I won’t change the name until I’m suitably moved. So move me.

And sorry about the white wine. Won’t happen again. 


CastroTurf or Castro’s Turf

Good call on changing that wine out it didnt fit. I will be thinking of a better name.

alright i have a few, if thats fair:

#1″one homerun and a triple with an error is just as good as 2 homeruns”- so its a little wordy, but if your looking for a seinfeld reference in connection with baseball, this might be the best.
#2. i just thought of another one with seinfeld ties. how about, “keith hernandez spit on me”
#3. or, final one i promise, “jay buhner for ken phelps?” im liking that one.

for you all who arent into seinfeld i apologize for how random these must look as recommendations for a blog name.

when it comes to names outside of seinfeld i dont feel as sharp. maybe:

1: “euclids finest, talking baseball”.- simple but direct.
2. “C.levelands C.astrovince, this C.C’s stuff is always good” -being an indians writer, that one could cost you your job, so some safer approaches might be:
“C.levelands C.astrovince, the more intimidating C.C.”
“C.levelands C.astrovince, the C.C. bringing the heat, the change and the occasional curve by means of keyboard.” or
“C.levelands C.astrovince, the C.C. promising not to break your heart with a move to the northeast.”

one of those have to work, you think?

Weekend at Anthony’s II

CastroTurf has a nice ring to it.

– Nice Game, Pretty Boy
– I Punched Mickey Mantle in the Mouth
– Dondalinger: The Blog

I’ve been reading your stuff for a while, and I’ve noticed you’ve taken an affinity towards Saved by the Bell references, so call your blog the AC Slate.

-Shawn the MR intern

You are already doing a great job updating the blog. The picture taken in Venice is cool and you need to put in your next update what transpired in Venice before and after taking the picture. I am betting something paledromic for the naming of this thing! – Jordan

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