A Royal renovation

If you’re coming to Kauffman Stadium anytime soon, bring your hard hat. This place is all torn up as part of a two-year, $250 million renovation project. But if you can ignore the mounds of dirt and the crane trucks, this is still one of the more beautiful settings to take in a ballgame.

Unfortunately, they’ve removed the greatest scoreboard in baseball — that giant crown in center field (sure, the majority of the time it was an inning or two behind, but it was a cool, retro look). The good news is they’ve replaced it with … the greatest scoreboard in baseball.

This thing is ridiculous… a 105 feet high, 85 feet wide video screen with a crystal-clear screen. It is almost as impressive as the 42″ plasma I bought myself for Christmas. Almost. The only problem is the trademark crown placed atop the old scoreboard is gone, but it’s my understanding that a new crown will go up soon.

Oh, there’s also a game going on tonight. Here’s the info…


at Kauffman Stadium


Grady Sizemore, CF

David Dellucci, LF

Travis Hafner, DH

Victor Martinez, C

Ryan Garko, 1B

Jhonny Peralta, SS

Asdrubal Cabrera, 2B

Franklin Gutierrez, RF

Casey Blake, 3B

PITCHING: C.C. Sabathia, LHP


David DeJesus, CF

Mark Grudzielanek, 2B

Mark Teahen, LF

Billy Butler, DH

Jose Guillen, RF

Alex Gordon, 3B

Ross Gload, 1B

John Buck, C

Tony Pena, SS


STAT OF THE DAY: C.C. has walked 27 batters in his last 33 1/3 innings pitched, going back to last October. He only walked 37 in 241 regular-season innings last year.


I’m a Cleveland native currently living in Omaha and planning on making the drive down to KC for the game Thursday night. Any recommendations on what section I should try and get a seat in?

Wow, talk about a tough month of April! I guess Aprils in baseball are a lot like snowflakes in Cleveland, they are all different.

For the past three weeks or so I have been in a mental state that I will call baseball’s ‘diamond depression’. But I am feeling better now because some how and some way once again I realized that I love baseball and I really love this group of playeres. Sadness at times, white knuckles and then all of a sudden it is 15 to 1. I believe this team can find its shot of confidence and start doing some great things on the filed.

Congratulations to CC, he pitched a good game. I hope he stays with the Tribe, I think we might be able to keep him but more than anything if he does not stay I hope he will spare us and not force milliions of Tribe fans all over America to have to listen to, “It’s not the money, it was never the money.”

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