Living in the future

The world’s population is estimated to be 6.6 billion. It is also estimated that more than 100 million blogs are up an running on the World Wide Web. Through these estimations and my superb mathematical skills, we can assume that one out of every three people has a blog.

These numbers tend to make a dot-com writer-type person such as myself feel a certain Internet inadequacy. If some unemployed guy in Terre Haute can blog about what he ate for lunch, why shouldn’t I blog about all things Tribe? (Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical).

In this day and age, you either get busy blogging or get busy dying. So at the monotonously named Castrovince’s Corner, my goal is to give you a quick heads up on breaking news, random notes and quotes that don’t make it into my regular reports and, of course, delicious low-fat casserole recipes.

Enjoy the ensuing train wreck.


Please allow me the honor of being the first to comment on said train wreck, although I do prefer grilled, BBQ’d, or otherwise set on fire foods to casserole. I myself don’t have the fancy “Pro Blog” star in the corner, so already I’m impressed. Welcome to the fold brother.

If the Indians first three weeks of play, and what they need to work on, could be described using a 2 Casserole recipe and preparation instructions, what would they be?

Feel free to ignore this and go to happy hour.

Yours Truly,
Junior Noboa

Do you think it was some ingenious mom who said…
“hmmmm, I can’t get my kids to eat this mess, maybe if I pour the crumbs from this bag Lays on it they will, or even better french fried onions, mmmmmmmmm”

I don’t mean to derail your blog train here, but 100 Million blogs spread evenly over 6.6 Billion people is something more like 1 in 66 people. While this isn’t a huge difference (yes it is) from the assumed 1 in 3, it appears that 65 of 66 people are getting busy dying over getting busy blogging. I’m not exactly sure where you go the 1 of 3 people stat, but it seems very plausible. You may have gotten your numbers mixed up: 1 for 66 appears strikingly similar to the Tribe’s batting average of .015

Yeah, I am not a math major, but by what math is 100,000 anywhere close to 33% of 6,600,000? No. Your math skills rival my spelling skills.

ssback39 and bradsmeyer, you guys are idiots. He was making a joke. Maybe you should try to read his post before making comments.

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